Perspective on Love

Rollo Reece May’s thoughts and views on love can be found in his book ‘Love and Will’. In this book May discusses love as a type of human motivation, which is part of his construct and system for motivation which he called the Daimonic. It consists of various types of motives which May called Daimons (Boeree, 2006).
‘Sex can be defined fairly adequately in physiological terms as consisting of the building up of bodily tensions and their release. Eros, in contrast, is the experiencing of the personal intentions and meaning of the act. Whereas sex is a rhythm of stimulus and response, eros is a state of being’ (May, 1969, p.73)
May believed that sex and love should not be two separate things but that over time with changes in society (such as pornography) that people had come to see the two and no longer necessarily connected. May gave the term ‘Eros’ to love in order to differentiate it from sex, though he did include sex in his five types of love. To further differentiate between Eros and sex May goes on to say that the ‘end toward which sex points is gratification and relaxation, whereas Eros is a desiring, longing, a forever reaching out, seeking to expand’ (May, 1969, p.73)