May believed apathy and emptiness are the reason for people’s unhappiness. People become aimless when they reject their destiny or leave behind their myths resulting in them losing their purpose for being in the world. Without some goal people end up getting involved in self-defeating and self destructive behaviours.
Modern Western societies are made up of many people who feel isolated from the world (Unwelt) , from others (Mitwelt) and from themselves (Eigenwelt). This causes them to feel insignificant in the world, which leads to apathy and a stage of reduced consciousness.

Psychopathology according to May involved a lack of communication, when we are unable to know others and share ourselves with them. Psychologically disturbed individuals end up denying their destiny and in turn lose their freedom. They display a range of neurotic symptoms. The compulsive person makes new choices unnecessary by adopting a rigid routine. Symptoms may be temporary like when stress produces a headache or permanent like when early childhood experiences produce apathy and emptiness. (Feist & Feist, 2008)